Jan Worthington - LogoJan Worthington Genealogy is a genealogy and family history research firm. We offer the following services:

  • Probate genealogy research
  • Family history and genealogy research
  • Writing family histories & biographies
  • Adoption research
  • Tracing missing relatives and friends
  • TV & Media research
  • Forensic genealogy
  • Writing histories of organisations, societies and schools
  • Art and Antique provenance
  • Lecturing on family history and family history research projects
  • Problem solving consultations
  • Referral and access to our extensive network of local and international qualified and experienced genealogists
  • We are pleased to explore with our clients other genealogical matters of interest

Scholarly-Scoundrel-AdHow can we help you?

To enquire about us conducting family history and genealogical research on your behalf, for any of the services listed above, send us an email at:

info@janworthington.com or via the Contact Page.

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